Introducing the latest technology in nail enhancements that will reshape the way you do nails. 4D Gel by Gel II gives you the lightweight feel of natural nails with the durability of acrylics. This soakable system offers you the strength of acrylic liquid & powders in an odorless formula that is quick and easy to apply.

Stronger and Lighter —this versatile product is light enough to create nail enhancements on natural nails, strong enough to build out on nail forms and nail tips, and moldable enough to create dimensional art.

Simply squeeze the desired amount of product from the tube, place onto the nail with the Gel II tool, shape and sculpt using the brush and 4D Sculpting Solution. 4D Gel will not harden until it’s cured, is not self-leveling, and stays in place until the Sculpting Solution is applied; allowing you to work at your own pace.

An allergy conscious product, 4D Gel contains no HEMA, and produces no airborne dust when filed. It also reduces filing time to create the desired nail shape and thickness.